Let’s be honest, 1st impressions do matter. Have a 1 minute video of your job applicants today, it’s 2019...

UnoSelfie | oo-no-self-ee

A one minute video taken of oneself, recorded with a smartphone or video device, uploaded to promote themselves. #UnoSelfieChallenge

The Average Time

The average job posting attracts about 200+ resume applications.

Average time it takes to fill a position: 35+ days.

The interview process itself takes an average of 23 days to complete.

That's a lot of "average time" wasted. Let us help you save time and money on hiring!

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What is UnoSelfie?

Time is Money! Our platform is stremalined to help reduce hiring process time.

Custom professional career pages for your website and job opportunities.

Ability to collect resumes and watch a 1 minute video of your applicants.

Manage your jobs and candidates on our Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Custom Career Page

We customize your career web page featuring your current job opportunities which you could easily share electronically via social media. The career page is simple and easy for applicants to apply with their resume and upload a 1 minute video as part of their application. Employers may also provide a short 60 second video to candidates to share info about the job, company or provide a question for candidates to answer in their video application. Candidates can also save jobs they are interested in and keep track of their application history with your company

Applicant Tracking System

We provide our clients with an easy to use applicant tracking system allowing hiring managers the ability to keyword search and filter resumes to find candidates with the skills they need. Hiring managers can review resumes and watch candidate videos, then proceed to rate and manage notes on their candidates. Multiple users can also access and utilize the ATS saving company time and money on the recruitment process.

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